RVR’s reputation as a trusted advisor for mid-market companies and their owners is the direct result of being involved in over 200 sales, mergers, and acquisitions of companies in the United States and overseas. RVR has solidified a process that guides the sale of companies, exit strategies, definition of goals, and prioritization of personal and professional objectives when partnering with business owners and their families when required.

We recognize that selling a business is daunting, especially without the time, strategy, and resources to ensure a beneficial outcome. Every transaction is unique and it should be structured to maximize value. We evaluate your company’s options and make recommendations for actions, removing roadblocks and creating value for a major transaction or exit.

  • Readiness Assessment
    Identifying potential challenges and determining the plan to remediate before they become an issue during due diligence.
  • Due Diligence
    Uncovering the key issues while concurrently developing the pre-selling strategy.
  • Strategy Development and Execution
    We will ensure your business has a clear path to achieving value generation.
  • Pitch Deck Development
    Wet will help you build the most compelling narrative to maximize your company’s value, all tailored to your audience.
  • Finding the Right Partner
    Whether selling all or part of a company, finding the right partner / investor is a key factor. The transition of ownership in a full sale is important for the employees that helped you grow your company. If you are looking for a second bite of the apple, having complete alignment with your investment partner is a must.
  • Negotiating the Close
    RVR is by your side to make sure you get the best value for your business. This is often a combination of exit dollars and the right structure of the transaction that will meet you​r​ overall goals.


  • Properly preparing and positioning the companies we work with to maximize sale value
  • Streamlined due diligence that leads to a faster close
  • Identification of weaknesses that impact valuation or integration
  • Ensure compliance while preparing for a sale
  • Identifying the true cost of the integration and realistic expectations moving forward
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