Throughout the ups and downs of entrepreneurship, long-term planning can be a challenge during daily operations. As a result, many leaders often steer clear of the “e-word.” Exit planning or succession planning is not the end of your business; rather, it is the intentional development of a plan to optimally position your company in the marketplace. Whether your business requires committed second-tier management, accurate financials, or a strong brand identity, we understand your hurdles and their respective solutions.

RVR will work with you to design a plan that suits your personal and professional goals for the short and long-term future. We will provide you peace of mind about the direction of your company and the investment of your time, money, and energy. Often times, the complexities of succession planning are difficult for those immersed in the organization, but our third-party expertise will support your vision and provide actionable recommendations to ensure your company meets your needs when the time is right. Whether a sale is on or off the table, it is critical to be prepared to seize any opportunity.

From the outset, we align with your team as a trusted advisor with a bias for execution. Having facilitated hundreds of transactions nationwide, RVR is a resource to your organization. Whether you are embarking on your first exit or simply looking forward, our experience is on your side.

  • Exit Readiness Assessment (Near and Future Exits)
  • Legal Review for Exit Readiness
  • Business Valuation
  • Management of Exit Process
  • Coordination of Key Deal Team
  • Execution of Readiness Initiatives


  • Define clear objectives on both the buy and sell side
  • Obtain access to a network of resources to organize, prepare, and strategize your exit process
  • Maintain daily operations and growth of your business
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