Optimize and grow your business by assessing your systems, human capital, and processes for optimum efficiency and profitability.


Preserve and propel your business upward during a pivotal phase and avoid an organizational crisis by diving into areas of critical concern.


Prepare and position your business in the short or long-term to achieve a strategic sale at maximum value with minimal roadblocks.

Hungry for success? Schedule a lunch to talk about your business goals.


RVR is a full-service management consulting firm with the resources to align with your company’s vision to generate faster, optimized returns.

As your business pursues an exit strategy, navigates a turnaround, or prepares a growth plan, our team can help yours overcome challenges and position your company for sustainable success.

With comprehensive experience in starting, developing, managing, and selling companies across industries, our team brings a unique vantage point to resolving complex business challenges and achieving maximum growth with minimal impact to daily operations.

More importantly, we have a bias for action, and the ability to implement the key changes that enable your business to grow quickly and efficiently.

  • Experienced & Pragmatic

    RVR is comprised of professionals with decades of experience managing organizations of all sizes across multiple industries and revenue levels.

  • Vested and Passionate

    We care. It’s in our DNA. We partner with your company to help achieve your immediate and long-term business goals by acting as assimilated members of your management team.

  • Relevant & Informed

    Many of our team members have been business owners, entrepreneurs, and founders who have held or still hold seats in C-Suite boardrooms and on community boards.

  • Productive & Results-Oriented

    RVR is dedicated to the achievement of positive results in efficiency, profitability, and performance, delivering actionable recommendations and promptly implementing these with you.


1. Assess Current Business

Discuss your company’s critical needs and goals during an advisory session with our team of experienced business owners and executives.

2. Execute a Sustainable & Scalable Business Model

Prepare your company to grow strategically and attract potential buyers.

3. Increase Profitability

Fix your weak links and accelerate your company’s performance in critical departments like Sales, Finance, or HR.

4. Maximize Value

Implement key changes and improvements to enhance your company’s worth over time.

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