Tips to Help Build and Strengthen Your Strategic Mindset

Strategic success can only be achieved with the right mindset. 

Adopt a Life-Long Approach to Learning

  • Study your clients and stakeholders. Know their strategic objectives, challenges, and priorities.
  • Actively monitor and understand the actions, behaviors, and performance of your organization and industry – as well as competitor actions and market trends.
  • Analyze data and scan the horizon to identify trends and opportunities for improvement.

Learn from History and Past Experiences

  • Be open to stepping outside your comfort zone and taking appropriate risks.
  • Reflect and act upon lessons learned.
  • Celebrate failures that provide insight in addition to your successes.

 Build Strong Relationships

  • Build internal and external relationships that foster a level of trust, and collaboration, with sharing of information.
  • Get involved with projects outside your current role to increase your exposure to different viewpoints and perspectives.
  • Join a committee, board, or professional organization that positions you to interact with influencers and leaders in your organization or industry.

 Challenge Your Assumptions, Beliefs, and Perspectives

  • When brainstorming or testing out a possible solution, look for alternative perspectives and seek to understand the beliefs and assumptions of others.
  • Remember to step back far enough to see the big picture. Consider how the same issue or opportunity looks from broader perspectives – such as your team, the organization, or the client.
  • Be aware of your own biases, judgments, and assumptions and take steps to enable objective thinking.
  • Strive to be approachable and curious about new ideas.
  • Be flexible and ready to adapt.

Manage Your Time and Priorities

  • Be intentional in allowing time for strategic actions. Assess where you are in spending your time and reprioritize as needed.
  • Balance priorities around short-term gains and long-term success.
  • Invest time in advance of interactions to understand the goals, priorities, and desired outcome of all parties.

By Dennis R. O’Brien, Senior Consultant

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