Homestyle Recipe for a Successful Project


  • 2 cups of communication
  • 1 ¾ cups of accountability
  • ½ cup listening
  • 1 tbsp. detail oriented
  • ½ tbsp. conflict resolution
  • ¼ tsp. patience
  • Add quality resources to taste


  1. Prepare your project plan.

Establish the project objectives, major milestones, budget, and expected deliverables. Review the plan thoroughly before beginning to ensure that the plan is realistic.

  1. Add quality resources as needed.

Evaluate your existing ingredients – including personnel, software, structure, and processes. Your project will rely on the quality and reliability of your resources. Make sure you do not run short!

  1. Monitor project milestones and performance.

Stir frequently to smooth out lumps and measure the status of the project. You should have a strong grasp on the action items, issues, and budget at all times in case of modifications to the project plan.

  1. Maintain effective and regular communication.

Collaborate with the client or internal team to take shared ownership of the project’s success. This may be accomplished through weekly meetings with executives, project leads and stakeholders.

  1. Record any abnormalities or changes to your project plan.

Process documentation will help you repeat the recipe. The project plan will provide a basis for what worked well or did not work well during execution. RVR delivers a presentation and final report for each project that outlines the purpose of the project, performance of the team, and recommendations for future improvements.

  1. Continue until results are achieved.

As with any recipe, the more experience you have, the better the results!