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Planning to Buy or Sell in the Staffing Space? Assess Your Readiness

In honor of the Staffing Industry Analysts Executive Forum taking place in Orlando this week, today’s blog post features some practical advice for owners of staffing firms looking to take advantage of market conditions and execute on a growth or exit strategy. According to the January 2015 Duff & Phelps
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How to Prepare for an Exit Event

Your exit strategy and succession plan is dependent on your exit goals, the type of business and the target buyer (i.e. strategic buyers, financial buyer, family business). If you are a family-owned business owner, read more about your options in a previous blog post, Family-Owned Businesses: Are you prepared for
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Managing Fast Growth

How to protect your business from common obstacles facing high growth companies Imagine traveling down the highway going 90 miles per hour, wind in your hair, sunny skies and a feeling like all is right in the world. Out of nowhere, you see a big object right in your path.
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