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How Ineffective Recruiting Impacts Growth and Profitability Part 1

How Ineffective Recruiting Impacts Growth and Profitability Part 1 One of the biggest challenges faced by organizations is the ability to hire the right person, for the right position, the first time. A company’s approach to hiring talent is crucial to its long and short term success. Small to medium
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Planning to Buy or Sell in the Staffing Space? Assess Your Readiness

In honor of the Staffing Industry Analysts Executive Forum taking place in Orlando this week, today’s blog post features some practical advice for owners of staffing firms looking to take advantage of market conditions and execute on a growth or exit strategy. According to the January 2015 Duff & Phelps
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2015 New Year’s Resolution for Business Owners

As 2015 is upon us, you have an ideal opportunity to develop goals that will help drive the growth and profitability of your business. These goals can be short or long term and can cover many different aspects of your company. Once these goals are developed, you will be challenged
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Book Review – Traction: Get a Grip on Your Business

A client recently recommended Traction by Gino Wickman. The book covers six core components to leading and fostering a successful, results-driven, profitable business. Let’s be honest – managing a business where your employees are motivated, your clients are satisfied and your product/service remains competitive is hard work. And when you
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Service Organization Control (SOC) Reporting for PEOs

SOC Reporting will help your organization gain a competitive advantage by validating the efficiency and effectiveness of your internal controls, identifying areas of improvement and improving financial reporting integrity. Why is SOC 1 Reporting important? PEOs should regularly assess and address risks faced by customers related to financial reporting, compliance
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How to Prepare for an Exit Event

Your exit strategy and succession plan is dependent on your exit goals, the type of business and the target buyer (i.e. strategic buyers, financial buyer, family business). If you are a family-owned business owner, read more about your options in a previous blog post, Family-Owned Businesses: Are you prepared for
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Recipe for a Successful Project

Recipe for a Successful Project Ingredients Happy Valentine's Day! 2 cups of communication 1 ¾ cups of accountability ½ cup listening 1 tbsp. detail oriented ½ tbsp. conflict resolution ¼ tsp. patience Add quality resources to taste Directions 1. Prepare your project plan. Establish the project objectives, major milestones, budget
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Business Growth through Asset Based Lending

Did you ever need cash to support growth but could not convince a bank to offer traditional financing? It may be time to consider alternative financing ideas including Asset Based Loans, commonly referred to as ABLs. ABLs are offered by large banks, small banks and specialty finance entities. What is
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Why Business is Thriving in the Sunshine State

business center in florida with palm trees

There are many factors contributing to the business-friendly environment Florida offers to new and existing companies. One of the most notable features of this pro-business climate is the favorable tax structure. The state’s tax structure is beneficial to businesses due to a plethora of tax exemptions and constitutional provisions in
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