Our Sales Philosophy

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Changes in the economy, technology and regulations have impacted (and continue to influence) the dynamics of selling. With advancements in research capabilities and access to information, your sales force must understand how technology may be used to their advantage. Research is now a large part of the sales cycle and has changed sales training style.  As industries adopt best practices and shift to a consultative sales approach, the need to establish inside sales functions have proven to be critical in gathering information to create effective sales strategies.

We use a focused, consultative sales approach to:

  • Correctly identify the buying influence or decision maker
  • Truly understand their pain points and the reasons why they are occurring
  • Clearly communicate how your solution minimizes or eliminates their pain points, improving performance and reducing costs

Our Approach

The first step in developing an effective sales strategy is to determine the optimal configuration of your sales team to achieve your desired growth objectives. In the process, it is critical to develop job profiles, sales assessments, incentive plans and craft a hiring process that will attract the right salespeople that fit inside of your culture and perform to drive more business.

After a sales team is established, it is important to acquire the correct sales tools to help meet your performance objectives. Companies without Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems or activity tracking tools are at a significant disadvantage.

We integrate CRM systems into your daily operations so you can track account progression, activity and follow up to reach more prospects, faster. We also provide sales training that covers lead generation, prospect development, proposal/contract generation and account management.

More times than most, companies that have an established sales team and the best sales tools still find it difficult to meet their sales objectives.  We help our clients develop and manage accountability metrics to drive overall performance of your sales team. These metrics provide performance transparency and ensures that your team is meeting sales goals. Our experienced professionals can act as the Sales Manager or train a Sales Manager depending on your company’s needs.

Sales Related Services

  • Sales Strategy
  • Product or Service Market and Value Positioning
  • Evaluation of the Sales Organization
  • Job Profile Development
  • Sales Assessments
  • Compensation and Incentive Plan Analysis
  • Hiring Process Development
  • Sales Development Process
  • CRM Integration
  • Sales Training
  • Sales Management

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