Our Sales Philosophy

team member on sales training call

Our goal is to help you align your sales department and your organization to become a synchronized unit, thus creating a sales powerhouse. Organizations must improve technologies, data, and salesforce behaviors to achieve maximum, long-term growth, and our team prepares companies to unlock this potential.

RVR’s consultative sales model helps to develop a deeper understanding of your business, ultimately completing the following steps:

  • Identifying your buying influences or decision-makers
  • Understanding your pain points and their root causes
  • Communicating custom solutions to minimize or eliminate your pain points
  • Reducing cost and improving the performance of your business

Our Process

1.) Attract the right salespeople that fit inside of your culture and perform to drive more business.

2.) Acquire the correct sales tools to help meet your performance objectives.

3.) Integrate CRM systems into your daily you can track account progression, activity, and follow-up, reaching more prospects in less time.

4.) Provide sales training that covers lead generation, prospect development, proposal/contract generation and account management.

5.) Help your business develop and manage accountability metrics to drive overall performance of your sales team.


  • Organizational Sales Assessments – Detailed analysis on sales cycle and peripheral support and processes to find missing gaps of key functions necessary to thrive.
  • Sales Strategy – Ever-changing customer needs and market trends can lead to a high level of fluctuation
    in revenue, if optimum strategy is not in place.
  • Product or Service Market and Value Positioning – Differentiation in the market place is key to any growth standard. Making sure the product aligns with your value statements can make or break a company’s attempts at success.
  • Job Profile Development – This is a very important process that can play an integral role in recruiting and performance evaluations by ensuring your candidate is recruited for the most efficient role possible.
  • Compensation and Incentive Plan Analysis – We can do an analysis to determine fair market wages and incentives for industry standards to ensure retention and engagement.
  • Hiring Process Development – We can assist in development of proper hiring standards to find skillset qualified candidates.
  • Sales Development Process – Any successful sales force must have a sales process defined and aligned to meet company goals. It must be reproducible and effective.
  • Sales Training – We can provide formalized training or more complex dynamic training to adjust to your individual rep needs, thus ensuring best practices and best results in revenue.
  • Leadership Training – We can provide better guidance to motivate your people, and increase sales skillsets that lead to success.
  • Sales Management – Throughout this process, our experienced professionals can act as a Sales Manager or train a Sales Manager, depending on your company’s needs.

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