• Value to the Buyer is the Ultimate Driver
  • Differentiation in the market
  • Valued and leading clients with
    minimal client concentration
  • At or above industry margins
  • Tenure of business
  • Size – Larger companies
    get higher multiples
  • Control of fixed costs and SG&A
  • Preparation, audit, and quality of earnings
  • Strong leadership team
  • Strong market


  • Concentration of clients
  • Lack of differentiation
  • Low tenure of business
  • Inability for growth
    due to oversaturation
  • Size – Smaller companies
    get lower multiples
  • EBITDA dollars and margin %
  • Business mix
  • Industry market trends
  • Weak management team
  • Poor market

RVR’s M&A Tenets

  • Preparation is Key
    to a Successful Exit
  • Weaknesses Must Be Addressed
  • The Goals is to Maximize Value While Balancing Optimal Transaction Structure
  • Maximizing Value Starts With Understanding the Buyer’s Ultimate Return
  • Challenges Will Arise and We Will Work Through Them

RVR would continue to assess your business to truly understand value drivers and develop plans to mitigate and minimize value detractors

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