Our team provides flexible and skilled support to advise and propel an organization’s success forward at its preferred pace.

As former company owners and executives, our team intuitively understands the daily pressures and minutia influencing an organization and the crucial steps needed to drive a transaction. RVR’s team is made up of successful entrepreneurs that have built and successfully exited multiple businesses in their careers. We are invested in our clients’ success from the start.


The strategic position and operational needs of a middle market company can be very unique. The simple solutions to simpler problems of small market companies no longer apply. On the other hand, all the expensive resources available to large organizations, including capital and expertise, are not an option. Since its foundation, RVR’s focus has been to build a portfolio of products and services that caters to the growth needs of middle market companies with the ultimate goal of a successful sale or exit. Our multi-industry expertise is an asset to our clients since it represents the diversity of our team’s skill sets and experience.

and Confidentiality

The development and implementation of the right communication and confidentiality protocols are key components of a successful transaction. RVR has extensive experience in managing the messaging, communication channels, and content for each transaction. We understand the importance of timing when communicating and talking to the right internal and external audiences. At RVR, we understand the importance of maintaining confidentiality during the entire process. We have the knowledge, experience, and tools required to keep your strategic intentions, data, and sensitive information confidential until it is the appropriate time in the process to share it with other parties. Many members of the RVR team have worked on both the buy and sell side and fully understand the high level of confidentially necessary to complete the best possible transaction.

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