Using Google Analytics to Improve Your Marketing Strategy

Google Analytics is a reliable, in-depth source of information that you cannot ignore, especially when making marketing decisions. You have real-time data that shows how effective your website is reaching your target audience, how long this audience is engaged and whether you have convinced your audience to “convert” (i.e. purchase your product, read your article, complete a contact form).

The problem with Google Analytics is often our clients don’t know how to set up the tracking code and once it is set up, they don’t know how to interpret the information. (It doesn’t help that Google is always changing!) Google provides free resources for beginners to experts here:

Let’s start with an overview of the standard report menu and highlight main areas that we have found helpful. (Please click on photos for a larger view.)

Published on 14th March 2014 by Jessica McKeeby
Categories: Industry, Technology

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