Marti Behrmann

Senior Consultant

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In over 20 years, Marti Behrmann has developed a diverse portfolio of experience in sales and customer service experience, particularly within sales and sales management. She has a long history of uplifting small and large companies to achieve new levels of gross profits by enhancing training and development.

Her unique approach combines formal and dynamic strategies, having demonstrated success by taking market placement from last, to midlevel, to number one in sales, retention, reputation and collaboration with customers and peripheral channels. Marti has a vast array of sales experience across industries, including medical, entertainment, IT, manufacturing, services, and government. By exercising and reinforcing strong customer relationships, her preeminent sales philosophy merges with company vision to develop trust, longevity, and brand loyalty. Her knowledge of industry research, familiarity with buyer and seller tactics, and adaptability offer continuous results and success.

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