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2015 New Year’s Resolution for Business Owners

As 2015 is upon us, you have an ideal opportunity to develop goals that will help drive the growth and profitability of your business. These goals can be short or long term and can cover many different aspects of your company. Once these goals are developed, you will be challenged
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How to Prepare for an Exit Event

Your exit strategy and succession plan is dependent on your exit goals, the type of business and the target buyer (i.e. strategic buyers, financial buyer, family business). If you are a family-owned business owner, read more about your options in a previous blog post, Family-Owned Businesses: Are you prepared for
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Using Google Analytics to Improve Your Marketing Strategy

Google Analytics is a reliable, in-depth source of information that you cannot ignore, especially when making marketing decisions. You have real-time data that shows how effective your website is reaching your target audience, how long this audience is engaged and whether you have convinced your audience to “convert” (i.e. purchase
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Recipe for a Successful Project

Recipe for a Successful Project Ingredients Happy Valentine's Day! 2 cups of communication 1 ¾ cups of accountability ½ cup listening 1 tbsp. detail oriented ½ tbsp. conflict resolution ¼ tsp. patience Add quality resources to taste Directions 1. Prepare your project plan. Establish the project objectives, major milestones, budget
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