Software Conversions: Your Software is Only as Good as Your Preparation and Processes

In honor of the upcoming NAPEO conference, our blog will feature a series of topics related to the PEO industry and share what we’ve learned through our experiences.

As you look to grow your business, you may need to undertake a software conversion due to an acquisition or a need to update technology. A software conversion is a major initiative that requires a significant amount of planning and resources. The first step to ensure a successful, comprehensive outcome is to complete a full operational analysis of your business and processes. From this analysis, construct a project plan to be executed by dedicated resources. This is only the first of many steps. Does this sound daunting? It usually is because this capability and methodology is not a core competency within most growing businesses.

We have experience working with PEOs and many other industries to convert to new software and electronic solutions from legacy systems and manual processes. In each case, the earlier we can be engaged in the process, the better we can engineer and achieve the desired outcomes of the software and minimize disruptions to day-to-day operations, project costs and end client and internal staff frustrations.

Common Challenges

Lacking the necessary internal resources and skill sets to successfully complete the conversion, causing frustrations from all angles (management, employees, customers)
Conversion process interrupts day-to-day operations negatively affecting the client experience
Ability to deal with significant and unexpected project challenges in an efficient and systematic manner
Inability to coordinate properly with outside vendors and companies and fully resolve any challenges that arise
Experiencing staff frustration due to increased work load outside of their current competencies
Effectively managing to a timeline and reacting to missed deadlines and project extensions
Conversion taking place at a different geographic location that requires travel and on-site management
Inability to fully understand the client’s perspective toward working with your business to preserve the client relationship during and after the conversion process

Be careful not to underestimate the complexity of the conversion process
Consider skills and sets and determine if this is a core competency within your company by completing an internal resource and skills assessment to determine if this can be handled internally
Consider potential challenges and roadblocks and how you can overcome these
Consider outsourcing to ensure a smooth transition -just as you expect your clients to depend your core competency, have the same mindset for conversions
Explore options and seek guidance from those who have been through a similar process
How Can RVR Help

Project Management

– RVR provides a dedicated Project Manager and Support Team for the conversion project. We start the process with an Operational Analysis to understand the current state of the business and then provide you with a Conversion Plan and Timeline. We will work with your Senior Management and internal conversion team to ensure alignment on the game plan and clear lines of communication throughout the process.

Operational Analysis

– RVR will complete an Operational Analysis to gather the necessary due diligence to better understand the current state and then customize a roadmap to help the client get to their desired end state. The analysis includes:

Daily processes/procedures and embedded customizations
Systems/ tools used to complete daily tasks
Departmental staff members and team/cultural dynamics, etc.
– Key deliverables from this step include:

Current Business Rules & Processes Document
Operational Analysis Document
Conversion Plan & Timeline
Process Analysis and Improvement

– As part of the conversion project, RVR will work with key stakeholders to review current business rules/processes related to payroll, benefits, HR services, and finance. The team will then identify challenges and inefficiencies and provide process optimization recommendations to reduce time, minimize costs, improve accuracy of the service model, and ensure client satisfaction.

We look forward to discussing your business and how we can work together to address your needs.

RVR is attending the NAPEO conference and we would love to see you there!

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About RVR
RVR Consulting Group is a team of management professionals which specializes in working with companies experiencing high growth, turnaround situations or preparing for a critical major event such as a merger, acquisition or exit transaction.

Published on 25th August 2014 by Dana Thompson
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