Shark Tank Update: Tomorrow is the Big Day!

A bakery, smoothies for dogs, handmade wallets out of duct tape, clothing for cats, gourmet hot dogs and even a game where everybody wins…these are just a few of the business ideas the students at Galileo School for Gifted Learning are bringing into the “Shark Tank” this week.

RVR kicked off our own version of the popular television show, Shark Tank, just over a week ago and from the start, we were so impressed by the enthusiasm and creativity the students were bringing to the project. After some clarification that our RVR staff members were in fact not the “sharks” from the actual T.V. show, the students were off and running with their business ideas!


The morning after our kick-off, we received this inspiring message from a parent of one of these students and realized what an impact we were already making:

“Imagine my surprise when my daughter came home last night telling me about her new creative productivity project, SHARK TANK, and I pulled the RVR flyer out of her backpack.

She was up in her room diligently working on her new business for two hours and only stopped because I told her she HAD to eat dinner. She ran into some obstacles with her project and we talked about pivoting a new business by understanding your market as well as your resources. She asked about what it means when the sharks give money, so we talked about equity and ownership and what that means for future revenue for the business.

I think it’s an amazing thing that the RVR group is supporting Galileo this way and I can tell you after just ONE DAY it’s lead to some great conversations about starting a business and thinking like an entrepreneur.

Please pass along my thanks to RVR for being so supportive and engaged in our community!”
During the first few days of this project, our staff worked with the students as they brainstormed a problem they wanted to solve or a product they wanted to create. We helped as they developed their ideas and created a business plan. We worked with the students as they considered how they would present their idea to the “sharks” and what they’d need to ask for to help implement their plan. We helped as the teams started working on their presentations and were blown away when one team even brought in product samples to include in their presentation!

photo 3

In just a week, these students brainstormed a business idea and turned it into a reality and tomorrow, they enter the “shark tank” to present their ideas to RVR’s “sharks.”

We’ll report back on the presentations and fill you in on all the deals made in the tank next week!

Published on 10th March 2014 by Amanda Snyder
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