Exit Planning

A Proven Process

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With involvement in over 150 mergers and acquisitions, the RVR team has solidified a process that guides your exit strategy, defines your goals and creates an approach to reach your personal, business and professional objectives.

RVR knows that selling or acquiring a business is a complex task, especially without clear objectives, relevant skill sets and practical, timely steps to ensure a mutually-beneficial outcome for both the buyer and seller. Ultimately the skillsets needed to successfully navigate through a successful transaction are critical in helping you structure a deal, or assess if a deal is worth pursuing.

Our process is grounded in research and analysis of:

  • Your Goals (personal, professional, tax considerations)
  • Your Industry (recent transactions, market analysis, competitive analysis)
  • Your Company (financials, organizational structure, technology, operations)
  • Your Potential Buyer/Seller (acquisition criteria, type of buyer)
  • Your Cash Requirements and Opportunities
  • Execution of the Strategy (due diligence, deal structuring, timing)

Our process is designed to help you evaluate your options and give you peace of mind and confidence as you prepare for a major transaction or exit.  RVR is skilled at defining and evaluating qualitative differentiators that guide intrinsic value based on your goals.

What We Do

  • Market Research & Analysis
  • Evaluate business for sale (second-tier management, financial and operational controls)
  • Contract Negotiation
  • Post-Transaction Integration
  • Due Diligence
  • Exit Strategy

Why RVR is Different

  • Understand the perspective of the business owner and have successfully sold their own companies
  • Able to work with companies in every stage of the exit strategy process, from planning to post-transaction
  • Possess a diverse team that develops and supports operations, finance, technology and personnel initiatives


Our tactical exit strategy process has led to over 150 mergers and acquisitions – Start planning yours.