An Objective, Targeted and Actionable View of Your Business!

We’re skilled in evaluating your business based on your personal and professional goals, current opportunities, concerns and resource capabilities. Generally, you have an idea of what needs to be done, but you may want confirmation, advice or a different perspective before determining the best course of action. We’re here to help support and clarify your vision and break it down into actionable steps to achieve your objectives.

RVR is able to evaluate any area of your business and provide strategic recommendations based on our findings. Our Operational Analysis is adapted for a specific challenge or opportunity related to overall business strategy, personnel, processes, structure, functional departments, reporting and technology. We also assess market positioning and competitors.

Advisory Services

Meeting with client to advise their business

Working with you and your team to achieve your business goals and strategy using a realistic and comprehensive plan.

Financial Services

Staff member doing financial services

We’re immensely experienced in implementing financial controls and building financial models to support decision making.

Recruitment Services

RVRs recruitment process outsourcing internal team

A staffing process that allocates people, skills and tasks to achieve your growth objectives.

Exit Planning Services

Corporate merger in progress action shot

Using our knowledge and experience in M&A to help you grow and sell your business at the highest valuation.


digital marketing photo

Our marketing and PR team focuses on how to effectively communicate your value proposition across all channels.

Human Resources

HR specialist in front of phone and computer

RVR’s HR Consultants determine the optimal organizational structure for your company to reach its objectives and promote organizational balance.


Operations consultant doing org dev

We conduct operational analyses of your business strategy, product/service, industry, processes, personnel and technology.


Selling at trade show photo

Successful selling relies on problem identification and value solutions. We use a focused and consultative approach to sales.