RVR Team Day at the Central Florida Zoo

RVR held an offsite team day on October 24th at the Central Florida Zoo.

The morning session consisted of team building activities that encouraged communication, planning, focus and patience. Outside of the office, RVR was able to interact and understand one another through challenging, seemingly impossible, activities.

A few favorites were:

The parallel logs which required all team members to coordinate moving the logs without falling into the “lava.” If one member fell and touched the ground, the team had to start over. The
fastest team was recognized as the winner. (As you can see, it was a close race and revealed our competitive side!)


zoo-rvr-team-2Another lava obstacle involved strategically using the same logs to move all team members between three planks. Each plank was smaller in size and presented a more difficult challenge. The team had 5 minutes to plan, and then was informed they were not allowed to talk during the activity. (Apparently, they set a new record!)


Similarly, this ropes course challenge was to move team members one by one across the anchored ropes with little support provided by three hanging ropes more than arms distance apart. At one point, a team member clung to another instead of the ropes as support… thankfully both made it safely to the other side.

Wrapping up the morning session, team members completed the high ropes course that ended with a zipline. Many people conquered their fear of heights and pushed themselves out of their comfort zone. In the end, everyone was able to walk away with a newfound understanding of and respect for our team.

In the afternoon, we ate lunch and played a “Did you know?” game where we matched each person to a list of random facts provided by each employee. RVR’s Managing Partner Joe facilitated a presentation and open discussion about our vision, core values and recent accomplishments. He tied the team building activities to practical examples we encounter on a daily basis. Joe emphasized the importance of not only what we do, but why we do it. The day ended with an open forum for comments, suggestions and issues. It was quite a success, and we would encourage our clients to brainstorm how they can incorporate similar methods of team building into your company culture. Some ideas are company sponsored lunches, employee recognition programs or offsite events.

How does your company integrate team building activities?

Published on 12th December 2014 by Jessica McKeeby
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