Recruitment Services

We make strategic hires within organizations to meet growth and profitability initiatives.  

Key Positions:

  • Executive Management
  • Technology
  • Administrative
  • Sales
  • Human Resources
  • Finance

Facing The Strategic Hire Challenge? 

We understand that Hiring Managers face several challenges when it comes to finding the right people to achieve internal hiring targets. HR teams spend an absorbent amount of administrative time sourcing, screening, qualifying, hiring and onboarding candidates. Ultimately, the costs of replacing the wrong candidate have proven to be a consistent issue that prevents organizations from meeting their hiring objectives.

As a full service growth management firm, RVR Consulting has over 30 years of hands-on experience in the staffing and recruiting industry. We provide a strategic vantage point on behalf of our clients to help them achieve growth objectives.  We understand that recruiting the best people has a direct impact on company performance.

At RVR, we have bundled our knowledge and intimate understanding of pooling talents, skills, abilities, intelligence to into a comprehensive recruitment service.  It is our goal to become an extension of your team, and allow your current HR team to focus on retention and other corporate objectives.  RVR recruitment services can provide your company with:

Standardized Hiring Process

  • Dedicated recruitment team
  • Helps your organization match workforce to workload
  • Achieve successful time-to-hire and time-to-fill metrics
  • Less administrative time commitment

Ongoing Talent Sourcing

  • Continuous pipeline of candidates
  • Improved consistency and quality of candidates
  • Larger sourcing pool
  • Viable solution to fill complex jobs

Cost-Effective Process & Technology-Driven Solution

  • The most cost-effective, quality-focused solution for recruiting and hiring
  • Ability to scale resources utilizing virtual/ center based recruiters
  • Drastically reduced external recruiting costs
  • Technologically advanced systems for data driven performance

RVR provides is a complete talent placement service with fees 50% lower than the industry standard!

recruitment 3.0Bulk pricing discounts are available with multiple job orders. For organizations with large hiring requirements,  learn more about our RPO Program.

RVR will help your company initiate a process to support acquiring good people while measuring efficiency and monitoring results!  To discover how your recruitment process can be optimized, please contact CeCe Williams at