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Planning to Buy or Sell in the Staffing Space? Assess Your Readiness

In honor of the Staffing Industry Analysts Executive Forum taking place in Orlando this week, today’s blog post features some practical advice for owners of staffing firms looking to take advantage of market conditions and execute on a growth or exit strategy. According to the January 2015 Duff & Phelps
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Using Google Analytics to Improve Your Marketing Strategy

Google Analytics is a reliable, in-depth source of information that you cannot ignore, especially when making marketing decisions. You have real-time data that shows how effective your website is reaching your target audience, how long this audience is engaged and whether you have convinced your audience to “convert” (i.e. purchase
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Why Business is Thriving in the Sunshine State

business center in florida with palm trees

There are many factors contributing to the business-friendly environment Florida offers to new and existing companies. One of the most notable features of this pro-business climate is the favorable tax structure. The state’s tax structure is beneficial to businesses due to a plethora of tax exemptions and constitutional provisions in
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How Will Obamacare Affect Employers?

The Affordable Care Act, “Obamacare,” has significant implications for business owners, and many companies are already preparing for the 2014 employer mandate to take effect. Large companies seek to avoid the costs of Obamacare by laying off workers, reducing full-time hours to part-time shifts, and limiting expansion due to the
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EEOC Claims on the Rise

According to Shanti Atkins, Esq., President and CEO of ELT, Inc. a company that specializes in ethics and compliance training, the average single claimant lawsuit results in defense costs of $250,000 and a jury verdict of $200,000. Let’s face it. Being a business owner today can be a costly proposition
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