Book Review – Traction: Get a Grip on Your Business

A client recently recommended Traction by Gino Wickman. The book covers six core components to leading and fostering a successful, results-driven, profitable business. Let’s be honest – managing a business where your employees are motivated, your clients are satisfied and your product/service remains competitive is hard work. And when you reach a comfortable speed and smooth stretch, you need to look ahead, anticipate the roadblocks and prepare your next route.

Business is unpredictable, but there are aspects within your control that you can continuously refine and improve. Traction gives you practical and useful direction to help you accomplish your end objective: to grow and sustain a fulfilling and profitable business that reaches its potential.


Our clients are focused on growth, but with that, comes growth pains, change that is uncomfortable and often resisted, and potential harm to the known and proven way of doing business. As I read Traction, I related many of the principles discussed to how we have helped and continue to invest in clients to advise and engineer their success.

While I will only skim the surface, here are a few questions you should consider related to the six components:


Why does your company exist and where do you want to go? Are your employees aware of and committed to your vision? How can you better communicate your vision and incorporate it into day-to-day operations?


Do you have a strong leadership team, or does your business rely solely on you? What positions do you need to hire to fill gaps that currently exist? Are your existing employees in the right seats and is there a clear and well-communicated growth plan for them?


What information or metrics do you regularly review where you can quickly and easily monitor the state of your business? Do you have financial and operational dashboards/reporting in place that are reliable, accurate and measurable?


How do you ensure open and effective issue management and resolution? Do you have a method of prioritizing and solving issues?


Are your processes standardized, documented and consistently followed? Are there inefficiencies or opportunities to maximize productivity and accelerate processes?


How do you reinforce focus, accountability and discipline to execute short-term and long-term initiatives? Are your meetings productive and a good use of time?

I strongly encourage you to read Traction and run a litmus test on your own business. Think about milestones and events that have led to where you are today, and envision what changes need to be made to accomplish your long-term vision.

If one of these areas resonated with you, RVR is skilled and experienced in understanding your objectives and challenges, identifying, recommending and implementing solutions and helping you run a better business.

Published on 12th December 2014 by Jessica McKeeby
Categories: Management, Strategy

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